Two older women are sitting on a bench waiting for a bus

Two older women are sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. The first lady takes out a cigarette and starts to smoke. A minute later it begins to rain, so she takes out a c***m, cuts off the end, and carefully places it over the cigarette to shield it from the rain. The second lady looks at that and says, “That’s such a good idea, but what is that plastic thing?” “It’s a c****m,”

The first lady replies. “Well, where can you buy those?” the second lady asks. “Um. .. Most people buy them at pharmacies! the first lady replies. So the second lady goes to a pharmacy and walks up to the counter. “Do you guys sell those c***m things?”

She asks the pharmacist. “Why yes we do,” the pharmacist says a little confused, “Do you know what size you need?”So the lady says, “Well it’s got to fit a Camel.”

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