There’s a Woman in a Boat Riddle: Try to Solve the Viral Riddle

There is no shortage of entertainment or education. Everything is available at our fingertips now thanks to smartphones. Even with all the variety, spending a few minutes on puzzles and brain teasers can be very beneficial.

In fact, a ‘woman in a boat riddle’ recently grabbed the internet’s attention. Even those who are experienced riddle solvers are having difficulty.

This riddle is more concerned with your attentiveness and creativity than it is with your intelligence. Are you ready for it? Here you go….

The Woman in a Boat Riddle:

The riddle goes: There is a woman in a boat, on a lake, wearing a coat. If you want to know her name, it’s in the riddle I just wrote. What’s her name?

Can you find out the woman’s name? We assure you that there is not a single lie in the riddle. It’s as straightforward as can be! If you are still struggling, here’s a hint. Try to break the riddle into smaller parts, and read every part with as much attention as possible. Also, do not overthink. The name of the woman, however, is not one you will hear out in the streets, so be aware!

Ready for the answer? It is “There”. “There is the woman’s name”.

This riddle is a perfect example of a good one that is also short. It misdirects the reader towards places that are farther away from the real solution. Of course, “There” is hardly a name you will ever actually hear. However, technically and grammatically, it is not wrong! That’s what makes it a bit silly but super fun. Here are two more riddles that can get your head pumping.

Sons and Daughters

The riddle goes: Mr. Smith had four daughters. Each of his daughters had a brother. How many children does Mr. Smith have?

At first glance, it might seem like there is no way there is enough information to give an exact number. But rest assured, it is very simple. This riddle is a more mathematical one, but it still tests your reading skills like the previous one. Here’s a hint: pay attention to the number depicted by the nouns!

Ready for the answer? The answer is “5”. Mr. Smith has 5 children.

Most people conclude that there are 8 children since the statement says there is a brother for each daughter. However, even if there is one brother, each daughter will have a brother because they are siblings! Also, if there were multiple brothers, the statement would have to say, each daughter has brothers.

London Bridge

The riddle goes: I met a man on London Bridge. He tipped his hat and drew his name. He cheated at the guessing game. What was the man’s name?

This one is the most complicated one of them all. You will have to use your pronunciation skills to the test to figure out the solution for this one. The answer is not “man” as was the case for the first one. There is a proper name here! The hint is to look for words or phrases that can sound like a direct and complete answer to the question.

Ready for the answer? The answer is “Andrew”.

If you follow the hint, you will realize why this is the answer very quickly. If you join together the phrase “and drew his name” in the second sentence, it can also sound like “Andrew’s his name”. This is a direct answer to the question at the end!

So, did you have fun? If so, be sure to share it with your friends and family!

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