The Worst Guess On Wheel Of Fortune Revealed

One of the best-known and most popular game shows of all time is the Wheel of Fortune. It has been on television for decades, and it is popular for a reason.

Not only do we get to watch people trying to guess the puzzle, we have the opportunity to do it at home.

We may not get to spin the wheel and win prizes, but it’s nice to know when we can actually beat the contestant at their own game.

Over the years, there have been some amazing contestants on the Wheel of Fortune, but there are also some who fell short of the mark. This includes some that give the absolute worst guesses that you could possibly imagine.

One of the contestants on the show that fell short of the mark was Matt. If you were to only look at the end result, you might think that he was happy with his performance.

Matt walked away from the show winning $23,350. He was the big winner that day, but he made a mistake that was so huge, people are still talking about it.

The category for the puzzle was ‘people.’ Matt’s turn was up and he asked for the letter N, of which there were three.

Matt thought for a moment about his situation and decided he would try to solve the puzzle. He gave an answer but the funny thing is, it didn’t include the letter N in any of the words.

Watch the moment for yourself below:

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