Teen walks out in prom dress, Grandma sees it’s the same dress she wore in 1950s and tears up

Grandma Dottie gave her old junior prom dress to her granddaughter, Cassie, thinking the little girl might use it for dress up.

Little did she know Cassie had other plans.

After receiving her grandmother’s beautiful cream-colored dress, Cassie tucked the heirloom away in a wardrobe where it remained hidden for many years.

Now a teenager preparing for high school graduation, Cassie pulled out the vintage 1950s dress and found that it fit her perfectly.

Years later, Cassie made the choice to wear the same prom dress to her high school graduation in California. The teenager had developed a liking for vintage clothing because to her grandmother’s sense of fashion, so the outfit was absolutely ideal for her.

Watch the incredible moment when Dottie see’s Cassie’s surprise in the video below.

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