Smiling swing dancers steal the show with “shaky” moves at dance competition

Do they even have bones? It’s like their legs are made of rubber. 🤩

Vibrant, flamboyant, energetic.

These are some of the words that perfectly encapsulate the art that is swing.

Through the enthralling loud brass and the upbeat thumps of rhythm, it’s really hard not to get on your feet and dance.


That’s why it comes as no surprise that Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie are still danced to this day.

In fact, there are competitions around the world where professional and amateur dancers gather to show off their favorite moves.


One such pair is Bianca Locatello and Nils Andren.

In a video posted by the YouTube channel Rock That Swing, the couple can be seen front and center.

One of the great things about swing? Well, you still get to dress up how they did in those times.


Nils is dashing with his flowy jacket and Bianca looks exquisite in her little black dapper dress.

In the background blasts a very familiar tune – Bruce Channel’s version of “Hey! Baby!”

The two can be seen playing the crowd in the first seconds before bursting into remarkable footwork.

Nils slid down and behind Bianca and at one moment, it seemed like the moves were random. However, Bianca perfectly complemented and moved around Nils’ steps.


They were energetic and the crowd kept on howling.

If they danced like this at a time when Lindy Hop was at its peak, they would’ve been stars of the era.

Bianca and Nils started dancing at a young age.The two have moved through different genres but they are mainly Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie dancers.


Since then, they’ve performed, choreographed, and taught the craft. The two met when Bianca moved to Sweden. They became dance partners and competed around the world.

The couple now travels globally to teach and join dance festivals.

Meanwhile, Lindy Hop gained prominence during the 1930s and 1940s.

Those decades were dubbed the swing era where big jazz bands performed throughout the country.


Through swing’s compelling momentum and musical movements, people can’t help but create their own social dance culture around the genre.

A lot of dance cultures evolved since then but one thing set Lindy Hop apart.

The dance, much like how Bianca and Nils did it, is highly energetic and acrobatic.

This is the genre where you’ll see dancers flip and jump.

It’s so much more than shuffling your feet quickly to the music and swinging your partners around.

Maybe this is the reason why this dance is still so addictive to other performers.

People all over the internet loved the couple’s performance.

“Nils and Bianca, you are by far the best dancers I’ve ever seen! Please never stop dancing together, it brings such Joy to so many!” said one.

“This couple is amazing! The dance moves, the energy, and the chemistry between them is great! They appear to be having a lot of fun with this dance as well. So much fun to watch them!” said another commenter on the YouTube video.

Watch how these dancers show how Lindy Hop is done below!

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