Postman Brings Cheer to People with Funny Costumes During Lockd.own

Jon Matson, a 39-year-old old postman from West Boldon, United Kingdom, has discovered a delightful method to uplift his and others’ spirits during the cor.onavirus lockdown.

Rather than donning his usual uniform, Jon adorns himself in flamboyant costumes while making out his deliveries, This charming gesture has turned into a highlight of the day for everyone on his route.

His actions not only spread joy among people but also provide him with a way to manage the stress that comes with working during these challenging times.

A father of two and an occasional cyclist, Jon Matson has served as a delivery man for more than four years. Previously, he used to work as a bus driver, making his transition to becoming a postman a significant career change. However, he always loves his job, especially meeting new people and being outdoors. For approximately two years he has been delivering mail along his present route and has built strong connections with his customers, a considerable number of whom are not only his neighbors but also his friends.

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Image Credits: Jon Matson


Image Credits: Jon Matson


Image Credits: Jon Matson


Image Credits: Jon Matson

Before the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, Jon’s usual workday involved arriving at the delivery office in the morning, where he would sort mail and load the van. Following that, he would team up with a partner, embarking on a journey to their designated area, delivering mail, and taking breaks. Jon enjoys pleasure in engaging with customers, often engaging in conversations, and occasionally visiting some of them to inquire about their well-being. However, due to the pandemic, his daily routine has drastically changed.


Image Credits: Jon Matson


Image Credits: Jon Matson


Image Credits: Jon Matson


Image Credits: Jon Matson

Due to the pandemic, Jon’s work routine has undergone modifications to ensure minimal contact and adhere to social distancing measures. Instead of going to the office, Jon’s work partner now handles tasks such as preparing the mail and loading the van alone. Jon now receives his bags directly at his house, where he then employs a bag trolley to proceed with his delivery rounds. Although he still sees and talks to his customers, the interactions feel less personal since they must maintain distance. Jon has noticed the lockdown’s impact on his customers, making him miss his all previous friendly connections.


Image Credits: Jon Matson


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Image Credits: Jon Matson


Image Credits: Jon Matson


Image Credits: Jon Matson

Jon’s fondness for taking part in the Boxing Day Dip, an annual charity event where people swim in the North Sea while wearing elaborate costumes, has resulted in him accumulating several costumes at his home. With the intention of bringing some much-needed laughter during these challenging times, Jon sought permission from his manager to don these costumes while performing his work duties. Right from the outset, the reaction from people was remarkable, especially when he kicked off by dressing up as a cheerleader. The overwhelmingly positive response served as a strong motivation for him to persist in wearing these amusing costumes, and he secured the necessary permission to do so.


Image Credits: Jon Matson


Image Credits: Jon Matson

The popularity of Jon’s costumes has been steadily rising, with more and more people individuals eagerly anticipating the to see his outfits. From Little Bo Peep to a Greek/Trojan soldier, Jon’s costumes have brought happiness to many. Observing the happiness he brings to others has uplifted Jon’s morale, that making it easier for him to go to work every day. Now his only concern is running out of new costume ideas.


Image Credits: Jon Matson


Image Credits: Jon Matson

Jon Matson, a postman from West Boldon, has devised a unique way to spread cheer during the coronavirus lockdown. Through the practice of donning humorous costumes while delivering mail, he elicit smiles from people and alleviate the stress associated with working during these challenging times. Jon’s creative approach reminds us of the importance of finding joy in small moments and connecting with others, even when we must keep our distance.

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