Old Lady Starts Shaking Her Hips But That Is Only The Beginning

Flash mobs used to be very popular and, although they have waned in popularity, it is still amazing when we see one happen. That is especially true when it is more than unexpected, it has some interesting participants.

It recently happened when a group of seniors were in a public space and an older woman in blue started shaking her hips. It wasn’t long before there was dancing everywhere, and everyone who was moving was a senior.

You might think that a senior flash mob would be rather slow but these individuals really knew how to move. That is especially true of one woman in a wheelchair who was very joyful in her dancing technique.

It was all organized by one senior who had a lot of charisma. She danced like a professional and I defy anyone to tell me that she didn’t know what she was doing. It’s obvious that she had leadership skills and the movements to go along with them.

Most people probably look at older individuals and think that they are beyond their ability to do anything. It is a misunderstanding that is all too common among the younger generation.

In reality, older people have more to offer than you can ever imagine. Many of them are still active, even though they aren’t as active as when they were in their 20s or 30s they can still get around and they put it to good use.

These individuals have more than an ability to dance in an organized fashion. They have a real enthusiasm for life that shows through in every movement that they make. It’s easy to see how this flash mob demonstrates just how much the older generation has to offer.

If you haven’t seen this video before, it is going to have quite an impact on you. I’m sure you will love it just as much as we did. You can watch it here:

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