Math Test That Will Make You Want to Go Back to School

Just as our muscles bulk up with difficult tasks, our brains and bodies say, “Challenge accepted!” So, let’s dive into these riddles and quizzes because our brain’s stand-up routine is about to get much funnier!


Tap to see the answer


Tap to see the answer


Tap to see the answer

4. Which mother is making a mistake?

Tap to see the answer


Tap to see the answer

6. Solve the puzzle.

Tap to see the answer

7. Who is the thief?

Tap to see the answer

8. Find it in 10 seconds.

Tap to see the answer


Tap to see the answer

10. Who is pretending to be sick?

Tap to see the answer

Solving riddles is an exciting adventure that sparks curiosity, encourages creative thinking, and brings the joy of cracking puzzles, filling us with a sense of accomplishment and cleverness.

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