Man In Target Has Heads Turning When He Busts Into Impromptu Dance Routine

You might be doing a lot of your shopping these days online.

But if you re going to the mall, one thing is for certain.

You can always expect to run into people doing funny and strange things. It’s just kinda who we are. People tend to do what they want, when they want, and how they want. Especially if you live in a big city, you know exactly what I mean!

So, with these visits to the mall, or grocery store, or bank, or service centre or gas station – whatever place – and while bumping into all sorts of strangers, you’re bound to come across something crazy, right? Something unexpected, that totally makes your day or has you doing a double-take?

Ever see something really fun happening right in front of you, and you have no idea how to react? Some people may instantly pull out their phones and hit record; others will probably just stand around and enjoy the show—you don’t want to miss anything while your attention is on your phone, right? Now this “something fun” can be an impromptu choir performance, a proposal, or even a dance show! Speaking of the latter, if you’re into dance, then this video is for you.

YouTuber Preston Leatherman thought that it would be fun for his audience, and for himself, of course, if he filmed himself dancing to the music on his iPod while he was at the mall. So, he went and shot himself dancing in various places while having his headphones in his ears. This idea made for a fun and hilarious video.

Preston’s dance party was a one-man-show, but he wasn’t afraid to shake a leg to “Footloose” in places like Target, the grocery store, an arcade, and even the mall. At one point, watch as he approaches a little kid with his funky dance moves—the boy just walks off watching him in awe—so funny!

Of course, Preston seemed like he was having fun so there were people who decided they’d join him and shake a leg, too! We’re sure they had a time of their lives filming this with him. I wouldn’t want to miss it if I was there!
Have you ever seen anything like this? I think the closest I’ve come to a surprise performance is at a wedding, and even that’s planned and practiced, nothing impromptu!

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