Little Girl With Too Much Entergy Leads Dance Team To ‘I Will Survive’

From the time we are very little, we have an ability that is not often given the credit it deserves.

It happens when we are just toddlers and sometimes, even before we can walk. I’m talking about dancing.

Dancing is something that is universal and it is also something that anyone can do. Then again, there are people who can entertain and inspire others to greater things with the dance moves they have but for the majority of us, we only dance like nobody’s watching.


Then again, we have the little girl in this video below. When it comes to energy, she really isn’t in short supply and it shows in the way that she moves around and just seems to keep going, almost like the Energizer Bunny.

When the little girl first comes out on the stage, you begin wondering why she is out in front with so many older girls behind her. Once she starts moving, however, you realize just how appropriate it is that she is taking the lead.

The little girl begins moving and everybody begins moving behind her. She has so much energy that they almost have a difficult time keeping up with her. Every move is perfectly choreographed, and she continues going throughout the entire song.

As it turns out, this isn’t just a random dance or some type of cheerleading competition, it is a Zumba dance championship. Judging by the way they were dancing, I would say they were in the lead.

Not everybody can dance like this and not everybody can do Zumba. This little girl has what it takes, however, and it will be interesting to see where she takes things in the future.

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