Katie Piper Sounds an Urgent Warning About the Hot Water Bottle Flower

Katie Piper is warning everyone about the dangers of using old hot water bottles.

These bottles, first invented in 1903 by Eduard Penkala, used to be made of copper or brass, causing burns.

Even though they’re now made of rubber, they can still be harmful if they’re old.Katie Piper knows about burns firsthand. She suffered from chemical burns a while ago but turned her pain into something positive by creating a charity called the Katie Piper Foundation.

Recently, the foundation warned people about the dangers of old hot water bottles.The warning came after someone shared their story on Instagram. Their hot water bottle burst, causing severe burns and a month-long hospital stay.

The foundation advises checking the expiration date on hot water bottles to avoid accidents.They also gave some safety tips.

Don’t use a worn-out or leaking bottle, always cover it with a cloth to protect your skin, never boil water for it, and only fill it two-thirds full with water. Every hot water bottle sold in the UK has a ‘flower wheel’ marking that shows the manufacturing date.

Even though hot water bottles can be risky if they’re old, they’re still useful for keeping warm. Back in the day, people used metal ones, which caused injuries.

But thanks to Penkala’s rubber design, they became safer and more comfortable for soothing muscles and warming beds.

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