Husky dog kept digging a hole in the yard — owner investigates and makes a life-saving discovery

Dogs are such amazing animals. They have incredible instincts and senses that we humans lack — and often times they can be life-saving.

That’s the story of one heroic dog, who saved a Philadelphia neighborhood from a potentially deadly explosion.

Chanell Bell shared the story on Christmas Eve, dubbing her pet dog Kobe “the Dog that saved the block before Christmas.”

In the video, Chanell recalls seeing the four-year-old Husky kept digging a big hole in her front yard. She said the behavior was “not like him.”

“I trust his judgment because that isn’t his typical behavior, and he is usually right,” Chanell told SWNS. “When I saw the hole, I realized it was odd behavior for my dog. My intuition told me to check it.”

Chanell had experienced a gas leak in her home recently, and after having trouble with her heater she used a gas level reader, but it revealed no problems in her home.

But Kobe kept digging in the same spot, and on a hunch she decided to use the gas reader on the hole. It detected gas — a potentially deadly gas leak.

“We were told it could’ve caused serious health effects like respiratory issues, brain damage, and even death,” Chanell told SWNS.

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