Fighting with illnesses and being broke didn’t prevent this couple from building their dream house

The couple created a comfortable home out of two cargo containers and no money!

Nobody will be able to stay neutral after today’s amazing tale! Check out this post for more pictures!

The living space of this couple’s home is a maximum of 37 square meters. Naturally, living here seems improbable, but for millions of people, it’s actually turned into one of the most comfortable places on earth.


The impoverished couple constructed a home out of cargo containers since they had no other options for income. They could build a two-story house with just two of them.

This couple’s amazing tale started in 2014 when they were granted a territory in Washington.

But Dave’s cerebral hemorrhage was quickly identified as his condition. He even stayed in a rehab facility for a long time. Luckily, he was able to survive, and the family quickly began to realize their goals.

Sadly, he lost the right side of his body, but it didn’t stop him from going after his dream. As he said, his recovery from the horrible illness was aided by his construction work.

The man miraculously regained the ability to move 85% of his body in 2016 when the house was ready. The guest room, the bathroom, and the pantry are located on the first floor.

Regarding the second story, the bedrooms and a balcony are located there. Additionally, it boasts a stunning view that leaves no one unimpressed.

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