Farmer surprises wife with 80 acres of sunflowers for 50th wedding anniversary

A bouquet of flowers is a standard gift for any anniversaries.

However, to celebrate being together for half a century, Lee Wilson pulled out all the stops when it came to gifting flowers to his wife.

The farmer from Wichita raised approximately 1.2 Million vibrant sunflowers across 80 acres of land, just for the occasion.

The couple’s wedding anniversary will take place on August 10th, so Lee was wondering what a guy can gift his special girl for such a highlight. In an interview with KAKE-TV, Wilson explained that he thought about it as much as he could and knew that his wife loved sunflowers. So he made the choice to plant her this huge field’s worth of beautiful flowers.

An Anniversary Gift Worth Remembering
Lee Wilson could not have completed the project without the help of his son, though. They had planted them in May. Somehow, for the next two months, Lee and his son managed not to let Renee, his wife, know about it. Now, the field looks like a vibrant sunny-yellow sea. It is located adjacent to Highway 54. The Wilson’s residence in Pratt, Kansas, is about 4 miles away from the field. This will only be a one-time occurrence, though, as Lee has no intentions to keep repeating the effort.

The spectacular anniversary gift has also become a popular tourist attraction, as sunflowers are the state flower of Kansas State. So, how did Renee feel about this gift? She was elated, to say the least. In her words, “It made me feel very special. It couldn’t have been a more perfect anniversary gift than a field of sunflowers.” Sunflowers only bloom for a short while. As such, the vibrant scene will only exist for about a week more.

The Wilsons had begun dating in high school. Lee had taken Renee to a roller-skating party for the first date. That day was enough for Lee to realize that Renee was most probably his life’s “only one”. It has definitely turned out to be so thus far, and we hope it continues that way for as long as it can.

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