Boy is bullied for his pink T-shirt: When I see his teacher the next day, my heart breaks

William Gierke, 9, of Wisconsin, was overjoyed with his T-shirt.

However, she returned home from school in tears and heartbreak.

His peers had ridiculed him and branded him a “sissy” because he wore a pink T-shirt.

William Gierke, 9, wanted to demonstrate his support for cancer patients, so he chose a T-shirt that was meaningful to him.

“Tough Guys Wear Pink” was emblazoned across the T-shirt, which was sold to support a breast cancer charity. Sadly, his classmates weren’t very kind about the T-shirt. William was bullied and called a “sissy” for wearing pink.

When William’s mother, Tomi, saw her son return home from school fighting back tears, she was distraught. His classmates’ snide remarks had made him not want to return to school the next day. The mother had no idea how to assist William. Fortunately, the youngster had a very attentive instructor…

With a compassionate act, the teacher took a stand against bullying.

When William returned to school the next day, he was prepared for more teasing and insults. Then he noticed what David Winter, his teacher, was wearing. The teacher was paying close attention since she had witnessed how much bullying William had undergone as a result of his T-shirt. So he decided to wear a pink shirt to show his support for William.

It may appear to be a minor gesture, yet it meant everything to William. Above all, it sent a message to all students that bullying others based on their attire is never acceptable.

“I feel more comfortable, I don’t let it bother me anymore,” William said after his teacher took a stand against the bullies.

No youngster should be bullied because of their clothing.This teacher deserves a lot of credit for standing up for his student. Like and share this story to show your appreciation for this teacher’s support for William!

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