Whoopi Goldberg Gives A Candid Reaction And Some Find It Disruptive

It always seems as if Whoopi Goldberg is making the news headlines in the entertainment industry.

As a part of The View, she sometimes has difficulty holding back on her true feelings. Most recently, it had to do with foot fetishes.

During an impromptu discussion regarding an advice column, a person was featured that said their spouse no longer allowed foot massages because of a fetish. The host then started talking about the topic, and a comment seemed to have hit a touchy area for Goldberg.

When Griffin said: “You have to entertain your partner’s kink, within reason,” Whoopi Goldberg got up and left the stage abruptly. The instructions were for the others to keep discussing but she was now gone. Griffin even said, jokingly, “Whoopi has left the building.”

Joy Behar spoke about her abrupt departure and it wasn’t out of line for her character. When questioned about it, Goldberg said that she felt it was necessary to get some air and pull herself together.

Upon returning, she said: “This is what this conversation does to people. It makes them get up and move.” She then spoke about her own feet, saying how they are huge and nobody wanted to touch them.

Goldberg is no stranger to leaving during a tough discussion on The View. Something similar happened during a conversation about Maranda Lambert and how fans were taking selfies at a concert. Many people didn’t agree with her, but Goldberg defended her decision to not allow them to take pictures. When she was challenged, she just got up and left, going out to take selfies with audience members.

It has happened so frequently that it is actually a trademark of what happens when she is on a talk show. Some people think that her abrupt exits are funny but others say they are disruptive and bring an end to a good conversation.

We all may have a different opinion on the subject, but there is no changing the way she is.

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