A courageous cat with a massive tumor refused to surrender, and the transformation she’s undergone is truly remarkable.

After hearing this amazing story, you’ll see that cats can be brave too, and that their will to live can be bigger than anything.

This beautiful cat named Keta is proof of that.

Despite her bad condition, she refused to give up and decided to fight and show everyone that a brave cat can accomplish anything.

Who Is Keta And What Happened To Her?

Keta was found on the street. She looked so bad that no one believed she’d make it. However, all she needed was a little bit of luck. Luckily, she was brought to the shelter in hope of getting a second chance.

Keta had a giant tumor on her face that could have cost her life, but thanks to the team at Unwanted NYC Pets, everything turned out great.

However, it wasn’t easy! Keta’s surgery was very risky and, along with her recovery period, everything was very expensive. Still, these good and kind volunteers at Unwanted NYC Pets didn’t want to give up.

Although they knew how risky the surgery was, the volunteers worked tirelessly to raise funds for Keta’s surgery. They simply believed that it was worth giving Keta a second chance to have a happy and healthy new life.

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