97-Year-old Woman gets herself a John Deere for her birthday and her reasoning is spot-on

Age is but a number and Marie Erickson is living proof of that sentiment.

Nestled in Massachusetts, this spirited 97-year-old has a zest for life that many half her age would envy.

While some might expect her to be slowing down, Marie is doing quite the opposite.



She’s found a unique way to keep the excitement alive, and it involves a lot of green.

Not the kind you might think, but a John Deere tractor.


Marie’s passion isn’t just a newfound hobby.

Every day, come rain or shine, she’s out on her tractor.

It doesn’t matter if the grass is already neatly trimmed; for Marie, it’s about the joy of the ride.

“I’m on that tractor every day,” she proudly proclaims, “whether the grass needs cutting or not.”


Her expansive property in Swansea, Massachusetts, spanning a generous 2.5 acres, provides the perfect playground for her adventures.

And while many might prefer the comfort of their homes, Marie has always been more inclined towards the outdoors.

She candidly admits her love for landscaping, a passion she’s held onto even before the passing of her husband.

Of course, she also just loves to drive.


Standing at a petite 4-foot-8, Marie’s fiery spirit is impossible to miss.

She’s always dreamt of owning a John Deere. So, when her 97th birthday approached, she knew exactly what she wanted.

With a gleam in her eye, she recalls how she saved up, counting her money month after month until she had enough.


With $5,000 in hand, Marie walked into a Massachusetts dealership, a place typically frequented by rugged landscapers.

The sight of a senior woman wanting a John Deere might have raised eyebrows, but Marie was undeterred.

She had given up driving a car, but this, she believed, was her next best adventure.


Since that day, Marie’s tractor has become an extension of her.

Every morning, she takes it out, feeling the wind in her hair and the thrill of the ride.

As she approaches the grand age of 100, her spirit remains unbroken.

Her children, seeing her passion, ensure her gas cans are always filled and ready for her daily escapades.


Marie’s life is about finding joy in the everyday, embracing passions, and living each moment to its fullest.

Her John Deere is a direct avenue to her fulfilling her zest for life and her determination to live on her terms.


In a world where age often defines boundaries, Marie shatters them. She reminds us that it’s never too late to chase dreams or find new passions.

With every turn of her tractor’s wheel, she sends a message: life is what you make of it, and age is merely a chapter, not the whole story.

Hear Marie’s outlook in the video below!

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