9 Home Fashions That Every Child of the ’70s Will Remember

In your family home, you probably had at least a few of these designs, making your residence distinctively ’70s. Generations that followed may not have known the glow of a patterned swag lamp or the (in)convenience of a table/lamp combo.

But, we remember them all too well! Here are 9 distinctive decor items that every ’70s kid grew up with.

9) Ruffled Lampshades

Smaller ruffles were sometimes found on bedroom lampshades in the ’40s and ’50s, but by the ’70s, giant ruffles were now acceptable on living room lamp shades. And in brown no less.

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8) Combination Tables/ Lamps

These seem like a great solution until you realize that the table is either too small or too crooked to hold what you need.

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7) Vinyl or Naugehyde

Not that this trend isn’t still big today, but it seemed like naugehyde was everywhere during the ’70s.

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6) Oversized Lamps

The bigger the better! This trend started in the ’60s and by the ’70s the size of most table lamps was truly outrageous.

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5) Macrame

Along with many other do-it-yourself crafts, macrame holds a dear place in our hearts as one of the most ubiquitous of the decade. It’s making a comeback these days, too!

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4) Swag Lamps

Ah, there is little else that gives a room a truly ’70s look like some sweet swag lamps. Be they glass or straw or string or fiberglass, these colorful accents could be found in almost any room during the ’70s.

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3) Bamboo/ Rattan

Along with an eye for the exotic, rattan and bamboo catered to the natural look, as if your home were infused with the aura of the forest just by having a few of these pieces around.

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2) Lava Lamps

Never was there a more mesmerizing lamp! We could spend hours watching a lava lamp. But, beware if you accidentally touched it after it had been on for a while!

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1) Giant Oversized Wall Decor

Along with with the giant fork and spoon for the kitchen, oversized wall decor items popped up all over the place in the ’70s. From giant birds and butterflies to mushrooms, large statement pieces were all the rage.

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