8” wooden handle with “16” mark on it and metal portion with glass curved tip.

Introduction to Agate Burnishers

Agate burnishers serve as essential tools for achieving a mirror-like polish on gold and other metal leaf surfaces.

Quality Construction

Crafted from the finest super smooth agate, these burnishers boast a comfortable bamboo handle for ease of use.

Global Utilization

Utilized by gilders worldwide, agate burnishers are favored for their effectiveness in achieving desired results.

Perfect Material for Burnishing

Agate, known for its smoothness and hardness, proves to be the ideal material for burnishing gold and silver leaf due to its properties.

Long-lasting Durability

Handled with care, an agate burnisher can endure a lifetime of use. However, they are relatively delicate and prone to chipping if handled roughly.

Maintenance and Care

To maintain their smoothness and condition, agate burnishers require proper care. They can be smoothed using the flesh side of a piece of leather coated with whiting. Alternatively, a zinc-lined board coated with a mixture of flour or emery and machine oil can be used for rougher surfaces.

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